The Summary of My IDS Adventure

My life as a college student is coming to a close. After four years of continuous learning and a surprising lack of time to make money, I’ve finally reached that point where they call my name among thousands of others and hand me my degree (or the empty case that will someday house the degree). It’s been an interesting ride. I’ve had fun and I have had none. I’ve laughed, cried, and gone through days with as much emotion as the shell of a hermit crab. I’m beyond ready to leave the life of a student and step into the life of someone who actually has money to live off of.

“But Brandon, what did you do to get here?” A bit. I studied music. I spent two years realizing that I hated studying music. I quit professional music and questioned what to do. I found IDS. I created a new major based around… music. Well, I added some business to it! I pursued that new major with a newfound enjoyment for… music. And business. Listen, the music business is a great industry. I just hated practicing music. I planned some events and wrote papers about planning events. I stopped planning events and THEN took a class about planning events. It’s safe to say I know how to plan events. That’s a good thing since my major is built around… planning events.

Now I’m here. I’m five days away from that final hurdle. Five days and plenty of ways to screw this up. That’s not going to happen. I’ll be fine, of course. I did incredible work this semester. Like I said, my major is about event planning. Officially, it’s called Music Management. It’s designed to focus on planning large scale music events like Woodstock or PSU’s Spring Fling (definitely on the same scale). Incorporating theoretical music courses and instrumental lessons with marketing and business courses designed around organizations and their functionality, the program has paved the way to success for me, should I take advantage of opportunities presented to me. Of course, you can read exactly what I poured into this academic smeltery here in this essay that I wrote back when I created the major.

This was my senior year. This was my chance to take everything I’ve learned and show it all off in an exciting project and maybe a paper or two. And yeah, I think I did that pretty well. I built a website. Alright, fine, I used a cookie cutter template designed to help people who can’t build a website to build a website. But I still built a website, and it’s entire goal is to help young, enthusiastic event planners in college become better older, slightly more enthusiastic event planners after college. I was there before. I know what it is like to start out with no idea what to do and no real tools to figure that out. I hated it so I tried to change it for others. My website is an infinitely expandable guide to event planning, with selections from my own personal writing and other tools that I’ve found across the internet that are all geared towards growth and success in the field. The Easy Event Guide is a fully functional guide with TEDtalks, articles, document templates for marketing plans and budget management, and other tools that both novice and experienced event planners will be able to use throughout their future. I can use it to teach any employees that I might be leading. As I said, it’s infinitely expandable, which means there are infinite possibilities. Definitely read more about that here.

I also wrote what turned out to be a rather enjoyable research article. I’ve always been an avid reader and writer but research makes me less than excited. I decided to research what goes into planning the entertainment industry’s awards shows, like the Oscars or the Emmy’s. What resulted was an in-depth analysis of the different aspects of planning any large event and how those aspects are implemented in the case of an internationally televised celebrity party. I explored the marketing aspects, the financial importance, and the dire need for logistics as well as some deeper analysis of the Audio/Visual aspects of shows. That article can be found here.

It’s been a lot of hard work this semester and while I’m very glad that it is over, I’m very happy that I’ve had the chance to experience what I’ve experienced lately. I’ve grown a lot through my college ride and I’m a better person now than I was four years ago.

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